I ran into a terrible snag. 

4 fps on my phone. 

My home computer is an absolute beast. It has more growl than... I donno, something that growls a lot, but not everyone has a beast. Some people just have computers like my phone. So I had to make it work.

After a whole week of debugging I finally found it: There were 64 lights in the scene and they were being rendered for each fragment. Ouch.

Couldn't have that. The scenes need light and the lights need to be cool!

Oh! Like a Tiger! Man, they can growl. 

I implemented a light cycler,  so only 12 lights would ever be created, and when a new light comes in view it would reuse one that hopefully was now offscreen. It was fast enough that I even added shadows.

My phone is now a healthy 35fps, and hopefully more in the future

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